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Frequently Asked Questions

A personal loan is money borrowed from a bank (or similar lender) that you pay back with interest in monthly installments.

The interest rate for a personal loan can range anywhere from 6%-36% APR.

Usually 2-7 years, however, this will depend on the lender and other factors.

The most common reasons to apply for a personal loan are: consolidating debt, paying off medical bills, home improvement, making a major purchase, and starting a business.

When you need a lump sum of cash and have the ability to repay it over the following months.

Any accredited bank, online lender, crowdfunding site, or similar organization.

Having a good credit score, proving that you have a stable income, or submitting a joint application with someone who has good credit.

You can get money upfront when you need it.

You have an obligation to repay the loan with interest. Do not consider accepting a loan unless you’re confident that you have the resources to repay it.

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